Karin Glamshot session, wearing long white dress, red lipstick, blue eye shadow, standing in a white corridor

What is a GlamShot Session?

The GlamShot session focuses on creating glamorous, high-fashion-style portraits. The session involves having your hair professionally styled and your makeup done. During the session, we work together to make poses and expressions that showcase their best features and highlight their beauty and style. The goal is about embodying a moment that you want to capture. Whether preparing for an event or just wanting to dress up and capture that moment, that is what the GlamShot session is about.

How did the GlamShot session come around?

I happened to be at my hairstylist’s when one of her clients booked a makeup session and hairstylist. My hairstylist asked the client if she would like to take images capturing the moment, and she said yes.
That launched the GlamShot Session.


Makeup artist and hairstylist Juana Ba, blond hair, green eyes, red lipstick

Juana Ba - MUA / Hairstylist

Juana is the Makeup Artist / HairStylist of the team. She has over 25 years of experience as a Hairstylisting specializing in natural and curly hair.

maicol osorio, portrait photographer, wearing blue shirt, gray background

Maicol Osorio - Portrait and Glam Photographer

I am based in West Palm Beach, FL., servicing the Palm Beach County area. I used to work in NYC, where I did fashion runway and events as well as portrait and stylized weddings.


GlamShot Session

$ 499
  • Pre-Consultation Service
  • 1 Makeup Look and Hairstyle Session
  • 2 Hour Session Time
  • Post Session Image Selection
  • 3 High-Res Digital Images
  • 1 - 8 x 10 Printed Image

GlamShot Ultimate Session

$ 1500
  • Pre-Consultation Service
  • 2 Makeup Looks and Hairstyle Session
  • 5 Hour Session Time
  • Post Session Image Selection
  • 5 High-Res Digital Images
  • 2 - 12 x 18 Printed Image

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